Why Logbook Loans Made Easy gives you a reason to smile….

At Logbook Loans Made Easy,you are assured that within minutes, you will be able to get that much needed loan to meet your financial obligations. While other financial institutions may limit the use of the loan availed to you, at Logbook Loans Made Easy, we avail to you a loan that you can use for virtually anything. The logbook loan is also discreet in nature and does not involve any other third parties.

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What do you need to apply for the loan with Logbook Loans Made Easy?

To apply for the loan, you need to have the following documents ready

  • Your driving license
  • To present your vehicle for inspection
  • To show that you are in a position to repay the loan by having a source of income
  • You need to provide your logbook
  • A color passport size photo
  • Your identification documents

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How easy is it to secure a loan with Logbook Loans Made Easy?

Securing a loan with Logbook Loans Made Easy,has never been easy. In just three steps you are able to acquire a loan with us. The three steps are;-

First you have to know how much loan you qualify for

The first step in obtaining a logbook loan with Logbook Loans Made Easy is by knowing the maximum loan you qualify for. This is done by submitting the vehicle model and make and an automatic free quote will be automatically generated. After knowing your loan limit you can then proceed to apply for the loan

Secondly is to Apply for the loan

Applying for the loan begins by downloading the application form which can be downloaded here. The filled application form can then be scanned and sent to us using the email address provided together with scanned copies of the required documents. The form can also be brought to our offices or our field loan officer contacted to facilitate the loan application process.

Lastly meet your financial obligation by securing the loan

Once the loan has been approved, a sort code will be provided and the applicant will then use it to wire the funds into the account. A bill of sale or a contract will also be provided to act as a binding contract between logbook domain 2 and the borrower.

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Why take a loan with Logbook Loans Made Easy?

The following are some of the benefits of securing a loan with Logbook Loans Made Easy

  1. Our highly qualified staff will ensure that you not only get a loan but are well versed with financial advice regarding your financial situation.
  2. Our affordable APR rates will help you get more loan for much less
  3. We are registered with the London log book loans board. Our prestigious accreditation with the board ensures that we give you excellent and efficient services.
  4. Our new online portal has also been designed to ensure that we expeditiously handle the loan applications.
  5. We also keep your information secure and confidential using our encrypted system.
  6. Our extensive network of field representative ensures that we meet with you in just minutes once your application has been approved.
  7. Being CTA registered, we ensure that we follow the code of conducts stipulated therein.
  8. Our certification with quality control ensures that our business processes and systems are of very high quality to serve you better.


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